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Pizza or noodles?


For dinner, should I:

A. Order a pizza from Papa John's


B. Buy a cup of noodles from a vending machine. Oh, and also a Snickers bar.

So...A or B?

I missed dinner and I don't have any food in my dorm room. I'm going to the store tomorrow, but for now I'm really quite hungry. Should I splurge on the pizza or stick to crappy vending machines since I'll be spending money at the store tomorrow?
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(no subject)

Who did it? Who gave me a paid account? I want to hug them, really really hard. And for a long time. My mouth is hanging open.

Well, whoever it was...thank you.
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Converting to Community Use Only

It's official. This LJ account is now to be used ONLY FOR MY COMMUNITY STUFF.

I highly encourage everyone to please friend my other journal, katherine8504, because I am very, very active on that one (Read: I don't have a life) and I do lots of commenting there. I've been a horrible LJ friend with this one and I will definitely make it up to you if you choose to friend my other journal.

If you'd like me to de-friend you on this journal, comment here. If you decide to friend my katherine8504 journal, comment on that journal's friends-only post or comment here. I don't check my info page that often, so if you don't comment and add me anyway, I might not know it for a while. :-)

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